"Stars-4-Life" Cancer Research uk

Cancer Awareness Helping families and their children and those affected by all types of cancer  

logoThank you all for your kind generosity and hospitality 

We would like to thank all our supporters and visitors especially for all your kind words, which makes everything worthwhile and shows that something good can come from this gruelling journey of which, i am sure many have experienced themselves. Harrison and my dad have been the biggest inspirations for me and have given me the strength to continue in our quest with Stars 4 life appeal. We have had so much support especially from the grid.org, I was once told you are not alone!!   I now believe that! Our support has gone from strength to strength.

Thank you to Mark and Steve from Havealink.com who have listed stars 4 life in their business directory .

Thank you to all at Bovis Lend Lease who raised a substantial amount of money to such a worthy cause, and for your hospitality,it was a pleasure to meet such caring and wonderful people.

We would also like to thank Gary Kernehan for making this possible for us.

Anyone who is experiencing the devasting effects of this heart wrenching disease please try and take comfort in knowing:
You Are Not Alone!

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