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''A Star 4 Life'' Cancer Research - Cancer Awareness: Helping Families and Their Children and Those Affected By All Types of Cancer in Tameside and Greater Manchester 

"They say that time in heaven is compared to 'the blink of an eye' for us on this earth. Sometimes it helps me to think of my child running ahead of me through a beautiful field of wildflowers and butterflies; so happy and completely caught up in what he is doing, that by the time he turns around to see if I'm behind him . . . I will be.

They say that we must learn
from everything we do-
and even painful loss,
can teach us something too.

So I would like to share
the things that I have learned,
for every single victory is
one that I have earned.

Tears are a way to cleanse the pain,
to let your guard come down:
and tears when kept inside of you
can cause your soul to drown.

Memories are special,
be they good or bad-
for memories are what we made
of what time we had.

Letting out the heartache,
the anger and the pain-
helps us pull together
the times we must be sane.

Understanding there aren't answers
though there are lots of "whys"
we do not become super human
when someone we love dies.

I have learned when the load's too heavy,
it's okay to put it down.
I have learned the loss I have suffered
can't outweigh the love I've found.

I have seen the pain felt by others,
and know I am not alone.
And I know that each feels the losses of the others,
just as their own.

I have learned that it's all down to choices
that we make while we are alive-
and I've learned that tho grief shook my whole world,
this too-
I am going to survive

. i've learned that you can keep going
long after you think you can't
i've learned that learning to forgive
takes a lot of practice
i've learned that friends can become
strangers and strangers can become friends.
i've learnt that ignorance isnt an excuse
for the lack of compassion.
i've learned that some people will
never ever get it.
i've learned that the community of sorrow
is the strongest of all.
i've learned that no matter how bad your
heart is broken, the world does not stop
for your grief
i've learned that your life can be changed
in a matter of minutes.
ive learned that the people most important
to you are taken away too soon.
ive learned that you should always leave
loved ones with loving words.
it may be the last time you see them.
ive learned thatlove isnt measured by the
amount of time you have with someone.
ive learned that some sorrow is so deep
that it has no words, but so is love.
as your heart aches each day,
look at the stars as smiles
from the many angels that heaven holds

A journey through "Cancerlife"

Having a child diagnosed with any form of childhood cancer or any member of family, friends, and through all aspects of cancer is devastating. Life becomes an emotional roller coaster, the constant worry, getting them through treatment, in and out of hospital with all the infections due to side effects through chemotherapy/radiation etc, not knowing who to turn to. you feel so alone and isolated. please if you feel that you need advice on all aspects of cancer,  your emotions,fears anyway in which we may be able to help, then don't hestitate to leave anything you may wish to discuss,and we will get back to you immediately. We have had personal experience's and therefore know it is important to share these thoughts. thankyou

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All issues will be treated with the stictest of confidence, publications will only be made upon request.

Cancer is a treacherous disease
It’s heartbreaking to see
But what the child feels
Is what’s tormenting me.

They’re miserable and sad
You can see it in their eyes
They’re very much in agony
And that is no surprise.

They’re helpless and they’re weak
But we’ll help them we don’t mind
They’re frightened of the needle
They’re terrified of you, you’ll find.

They’re angry with most people
Though they don’t show it too much
They’re also very lonely
They just need a loving touch.

Their hair starts falling off
They’re going slightly bald
They’re worried what their friends might say
What names they will be called.

We’re in this as a big team
That includes your play therapist as well
She’ll help you have lots of fun
But you can’t escape the school bell!

They’ve got this transfixed stare
They’re rigid and they’re scared
They’re worried half to death
Will their lives be spared?

When it’s holiday time they get some treats
Like soft toys or a remote controlled car
You can see when they get them they’re speechless with joy
Each eye is filled a star!

More than half of them will be cured
They end up well and fit
Cancer is a horrible disease
So help get rid of it!

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“Before you were ill..
“Before your treatment..
“When we didn’t know about it..
“Before we knew..
“When you were well..
Why can’t you just say it?
“Before you had cancer.

Because they care
They don’t want to distress,
Or upset.
Because it scares them,
Not me.
Because they are in denial,
That it can happen,
That it happened to me.
Cancer happened to me.

But I’ll let them avoid it,
The word, its meaning.
There’s no need for them to
Feel it,
The terror.
No need for them to face,
The cancer.
The cancer that I faced.

I’ve been taking deep breaths
For years
There were never any tears
True emotions I would hide
Lock them away deep inside
So many that I burst
Anger was the first to break
From my lock and key
It said Why me, why so long
I’m fed up of being strong
Then guilt rushed out
And I could never understand
What that was all about,
Doubt soon reared its head
“Will you ever be the same again
Can they ever dull the pain?
I found the answers to the questions it said
Now I’ve found hope
As I know I can cope.

I watch you playing
Without a care,
It’s hard to believe
The cancer is there.
You look so bright,
So happy and well,
If someone new met you
They couldn’t tell.
Your strength is amazing,
Your courage so strong,
You’ve fought this disease
So well for so long.
It’s from your strength
That I draw mine,
I know you’ll come through this,
It’ll just take time.

The first time I ever saw your face
I knew my life was complete
To hold you in my loving arms
I knew you were mine for keeps
The joy you bring  into my life
For the time you're here
To see you smile all through your pain
And never shed a tear.
The disease controlled your body
Bruises and pale skin
Never once did you complain
Or attempt to even give in.
God saw you playing happily
But i thought your time had come
I begged him not to take you
my darling beautiful son.

Smiling faces. Shining heads.
Gazing out from well-made beds.
Parents with an anxious look.
One kind word was all it took.
Brothers and sisters affected too.
And no-one knowing what to do.
Doctors, nurses and caring folk
Will sometimes stop to share a joke.
Always there’s that question ‘why?’
And please don’t say my child might die.
Hope and courage by the ton
For battles lost and battles won.

THE Angels are here,
I heard them say.
There are three on the roof
Their not leaving today.
There is one very tall one
And one to each side,
Could they possibly be my guides?
Help me up so I can see.
I think the angels Are here for me.
Though IM afraid,I will go even though
I know how much You will be missing me so.
I need a white balloon that I can ride.
To fly with the angels Across the sky.
Remember I Love You, And it was all not in vain.
My name has been written And gone is my pain.

sweet dreams are all i have of you,they're all you left behind' Those cherished,lovely memories,never again to find.
On earth you were so wonderful,no child could i compare
To all the love you gave to me,you were so meek,so rare.
Sweet dreams they keep me going through the long & lonely night, How i wish that I could hug you hear and squeeze you   so tight.If i could walk to heaven dear,to see you every day,just know i'd never want to leave,i know i'd long to stay.we parted hear on earth my child,but Gods will shall be done,then dreams will be reality for once more we'll be one. I love you for eternity,forever and some more, Because you were the sweetest child, the kindest and most pure. If heavens full of angels, like you were here on earth , I thank the lord for lending you, for giving me your birth,One day my child i'll see you there,so please look out for me, you'll see my smile so wide before you see my spirit free. God takes the sweetest angels first, this we know is true, For he came here & looked around, my darling,He chose you!

We don't think of you as
gone away, your journey's just begun,
life holds so many this earth is only one.
We can just think of you as resting
from the sorrow and the tears,
from a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years.
Think how you can be wishing that we can only
know today how nothing but our sadness
can really fade away.
We think of you living in the hearts of those
you touched for god has you in his keeping,
We have you in our hearts. No matter what we do, a special place in our hearts is always kept for you

A Mothers Love
At Night I Look Up at the Sky
And thank the stars above,
For If you'd Never come my way
What would I Know of Love ?
But love came in at that moment
When I First Saw Your Face
And All My Hopes and Dreams
At last Fell into Place
Now Everyday you give me
Such Pleasure and such pride
I feel So happy
When Your by my side
The Love I feel is Now So Deep
So constant and so True
That nothing in this World
Can Take My Love From You

I do believe in Angels one just came my way
He made me realize the importance of each day.
He pointed out my mistakes in a very caring way
And taught me once again to enjoy each and every day
He stayed around to catch me in case I started to fall
He just seemed to be there somehow giving it his all.
He knew what words to speak showing me the way
To believe in myself to trust what I may say.
I do believe in Angels and I believe in God above
And thank him for this Angel he gave me out of love
Now I get up each day begin it with a smile
One I've hid behind for quite a while
I look around to see the many gifts I have
To know I have missed some makes me very sad
For each day is a gift filled with life and love
And gifts such as an Angel sent by God above
I have just one wish that will make my life complete
God lets me keep my Angel so loving and sweet

A friend died today
We just said goodbye to him
He was in a fight with cancer
A fight he didn't win
We met at the treatment center
Were friends right from the start
No talk of death ­ just life
And how we play a part
He showed the signs of battle
As the cancer attacked
But as the cancer destroyed his body
His spirit remained intact
A person's body may be destroyed
As the cancer takes its toll
But if you refuse to let it
It won't destroy your soul.

Dear Jack..GoodNight Little Star..
Maybe My Wish Will Come True..
Sleep Tight Little Star..
I will Be Dreaming Along With You..
And If Tomorrow I Wake Up ANd you're Still My Friend..
Then I'll See You Tomorrow Night Little Star.. AND Dream of you  Again..love Harrison xx