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Brief insight to Harrison's journey.

Harrison born 3.04.2000, our new baby, our millenium baby, from that day we new he was special!, happy playfull, and learned to talk at  a very early stage, life was good, early spring 2002 he began to change, tiring very quickly, sleepng more then eventually became unable to walk,after many visits to the doctors, it was 18th october 2002 when we recieved the heartbreaking news, your baby has leukaemia,the start of our journey!life was an emotional roller coaster from that day,the start of his treatment and the effects it had, we thought we would never see our little boy walk again, life was tough still tryng to accept what was happening,all our friends, family except my mum and my dad,had all gone we were all isolated in the torment,as my mum lives away. We had harrison christened one of the best days he took his first steps again,and from there began to cope with the chemotherapy quite well,his first year during treatment he became critically ill through infection, and spent almost three weeks not knowing if he was going to make it, that's where his song came in again it was dedicated to him from the south of england, Reach for the stars, it was played over the hospital radio,then like a miracle, he became stronger and stronger, he managed his second year of treatment reasonably well despite having to be tube  fed etc,and when his hickman line came out life regained a touch of normality,and he was once again smiling. Then came the last year of treatment and everything changed once again, he stared to get infections constantly, then spent almost six months in hospital as he contracted a rare form of pnuemonia which lead him again to be extremely poorly, his body everything was failing and again we was seeing and watching him slowly slipping away, clutching at straws we asked for his song to be played it had worked it's miracle before! The hospital had it played in his room,well what can i say he made it home for his birthday! still poorly as he had had lung biopsys and allsorts done to him,but he didn't let it get him down, he fought and fought,thats when he won the little stars award for bravery earlier this year from cancer research which to him was a big achievement and especially recieving his silver engraved star! his second line came out in march this year 2006, and he has gone from strength to strength, and is presently doing well.

Harrison's story is also featured at cancer research uk

Harrison's photo Gallery

Cancer can affect anyone at any time, since Harrison was diagnosed, we have lost two uncles to the disease, and his cousin is currently battling with cancer,his elder cousin has battled with cancer, his great nanna and grandad and great uncle unfortunately passed of the disease before Harrison was born.

Glen's Story a courageous Star 4 Life.

Glen is very dear to us his story was published in that's life magazine, he has since finished treatment and is presently doing well.

Your stories are needed!! Please join us in our quest.

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