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Cancer Awareness Helping families and their children and those affected by all types of cancer  

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''A Star 4 Life'' Cancer Research - Cancer Awareness: Helping Families and Their Children and Those Affected By All Types of Cancer in Tameside and Greater Manchester

A Journey through "Cancerlife"

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  • when you wish upon a star
    Dream making for sick children
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  • CarePages are free, personal, private Web pages that help family and friends communicate when someone is receiving care.
  • The Follow Your Dreams rainbow

    "Some people dream of winning the lottery,
    A life in the sun, a specialist car,
    The people we help have one simple dream,
                               To be accepted for just who they are!!"         (Martin Harris)   

    Martin Harris - founder of Follow Your Dreams  Follow Your Dreams patron, Greg Silvester holding the Olympic Torch One of our mini members

    Follow Your Dreams is a registered charity dedicated to helping youngsters with Downs' Syndrome and other learning difficulties to “Follow Their Dreams".  

    In sport, music, drama, dance etc. we are there to support these special students in reaching their own goals, big or small. Our trustees will judge all applications and award sponsorship money to talented individuals nationwide who would like the chance to reach their full potential.

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