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Cancer Awareness Helping families and their children and those affected by all types of cancer  

Welcome to Stars 4 life: Designed to help raise awareness & insight onto childhood cancer and those affected through all types of cancer. working alongside Cancer Research uk, anyone who has been touched by cancer is a star 4 life.

Please stop and say a prayer for those who are currently fighting cancer, for those who have lost their battle here on earth to cancer, and for those who have lost a loved one.  

Better cures must be found....thanks for helping in the fight!!!!

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About Children's Cancer:
Children’s cancers relatively are rare. Approximately 1 in every 600 children under 15 years of age develops a cancer, and these are quite different from cancers affecting adults. There are approximately 1700 new cases of childhood cancer (up to age 15) in the UK each year. childhood cancer, have a common disease process typical to all kinds of cancer- cells grow out of control, develop abnormal sizes and shapes, ignore their typical boundaries inside the body, destroy their neighbor cells, and can ultimately spread (or metastasize) to other organs and tissues.

As cancer cells grow, they demand more and more of the body's nutrition. Cancer takes a child's strength, destroys organs and bones, and weakens a child's defenses against other illnesses, below is a list of most cancer's found in children. While statistics show that over 160,000 children worldwide are newly diagnosed with cancer each year, the exact number of new cases each year is not known as cancer registers do not exist in many countries.

Not any one individual’s prognosis. for an individual child cannot be forecast simply by learning the survival rate for his or her type of cancer – whether that rate is 10% or 90%. Some children survive even the most difficult cancers, and others do not survive even those with the lowest mortality rates.

Stars-4-Life aims to do as much as possible,and to raise funds for cancer research, as we know only to well if not for cancer research we would not have Harrison today! and to help families and their children going through these difficult times, and to give to other families what was there for when we ourselves needed this.

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''A Star 4 Life'' Cancer Research - Cancer Awareness: Helping Families and Their Children and Those Affected By All Types of Cancer in Tameside and Greater Manchester 

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